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主演:米歇尔·拉罗克 凯德·麦拉德 萝西·德·帕尔马 弗兰西丝·法比安 热拉尔·达尔蒙 帕斯卡·埃尔贝 马蒂·维拉龙嘉 米歇尔·莫雷蒂 Sébastien Deux Oriane Deschamps 

更新时间:2020-01-02 12:54:04

简介: Angela thinks that she has an ideal life. She lives in Nice, in a beautiful apartment, with a handsome husband and a charming teenage daughter. But on Christmas Eve, her daughter leaves her to get together with her boyfriend, her husband dumps her and her best gal pal prefers to take sleeping pills than spend the evening with Angela. It comes as a total shock. Angela has no other choice than to take a thorough look at herself and to piece herself together... which isnt easy with her tyrannical mother, an hysterical gal pal, and a psychiatrist who employs experimental methods.